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      Running. So pure and simple. It can be done with no equipment at all. If we want to be a little more comfortable and improve our performance we can wear a pair of shoes, some sunglasses, and hopefully some shorts. The beauty of the sport has always been its natural simplicity. The by-product of its simplicity — loads of benefits for little cost. At Active Pacific we want to keep it that way, which is why you’ll always get the best technologies for a minimal investment.

      Top of mind considerations always include lightweight and flexible frames, long-term comfort, anti-slip parts, UV protection, peripheral vision, changing light and weather conditions, and of course style. A lot of thought really, for such a pure and natural sport. But when we can create eyewear that works so well that you can run for miles and forget you are wearing it, the thought is well worth it.

      There is much to consider when choosing the right sunglass for running. Whether it's just a jog around the block or a marathon:

      Make sure your glasses have breathing room. Determine how much space is between your face and the sunglasses. for running you will want to find a pair that's not such a snug fit that ventilation is limited. You don’t want to leave so much space however that a lot of peripheral light reaches your eye.

      Unlike cyclists, runners can get away with a smaller lens because we don’t need to protect against wind and debris to such a high degree. If you’re running on a surface that will reflect a lot of light, make sure that your lens comes down low enough to block this light. Polarized lenses are also extremely beneficial in cutting the glare of reflected light.

      Find a pair that will remain in place. Our ultra-lightweight and extremely flexible TR90 frames will provide a very comfortable fit. For harder-to-fit faces, some people like customizing features such as adjustable nose pads that are included on some frames.

      Location, light conditions, weather, and duration of your run should be considered before selecting the appropriate lenses. All of our lenses block 100% of the UV they encounter, so you can pick a lens shade without concern of the protection they provide. 

      Samurai Samurai
      $ 39.00
      Shadow Shadow
      $ 39.00
      Spartan Spartan
      $ 39.00
      Tahoe Tahoe
      $ 29.00
      Titan Titan
      $ 39.00
      Ultraflex Ultraflex
      $ 39.00
      Viking Viking
      $ 39.00
      Xion Xion
      $ 39.00